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Tesla Giga Berlin Demonstrates Faster Factory Construction Than Giga Shanghai

Tesla Giga Berlin Demonstrates Faster Factory Construction Than Giga Shanghai

Featured image: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

The construction of Giga Berlin is progressing at a very fast pace. If the work continues at the same speed, then the foundation of the building will be completed in August, and at the beginning of autumn, the exterior of the building will be visible

The video, shot by enthusiast Tobias Lindh / Twitter, shows significant progress on the site. At the moment, two tower cranes are already working, and the 3rd is at the assembly stage. This means that after the completion of its assembly, the speed of construction will increase even more. Rails are also prepared for the 4th crane, which will be assembled a little later.

Source: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

Lindh reports that "The 3rd tower crane is getting build and the rails for a 4th crane are prepared. They are already working on foundations for three sections of the factory and the new container park hints to the arrival of more workers."

Containers for workers continue to arrive at the construction site, this means that the number of workers is increasing. This, in turn, indicates that the construction of Giga Berlin continues to pick up the pace.

Source: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

Lindh placed a construction drawing on top of the current drone photo so that it was clear which part of the factory was being built.

Source: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

Source: @Gf4Tesla / Twitter

The foundation is built with vertical beams, as with the construction of the Giga Shanghai. The video shows that in addition to the construction of Phase 1, Tesla began serious preparations for other constructions on the site. So, judging by the frames from the video, it can be argued that the laying of the foundation begins, under the Phase 2 building.

Source: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

Source: @DerCaspar / Twitter

At the moment, the only factory that was being built at the same rapid pace is Giga Shanghai, but Giga Berlin, at the moment, is already surpassing it in construction speed. According to Brandenburg Economy Minister Jörg Steinbach “something like a shell” can already be seen in September.

Source: Tobias Lindh / Twitter

Tesla plans to begin production of Model Y from mid-2021, but if progress continues at such a pace, then probably the production will begin ahead of schedule.



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