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Tesla Giga Berlin Will Produce Battery Cells In Grünheide, Brandenburg Minister Of Economic And Energy Confirmed

Tesla Giga Berlin Will Produce Battery Cells In Grünheide, Brandenburg Minister Of Economic And Energy Confirmed

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Tesla's representatives in Germany and the Minister of Economy, Labor and Energy of the state of Brandenburg, Jörg Steinbach, today confirmed that Tesla will build a battery cell manufacturing plant for Giga Berlin in Grünheide, according to Der Tagesspiegel.

“Tesla has started planning for battery cell production in Grünheide. The company told us about it,” said Steinbach. "This is great news again. Another step to make Brandenburg the leading energy transition country in Germany and Europe," he continued.
Tesla has recently submitted updated documents for the construction of Giga Berlin. The main difference in the revised application was that Stage 1 of construction did not include battery production. However, several facts indicated that Tesla could not completely abandon the plan.
During the Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the company's original plan remains in place and Giga Berlin will manufacture its own battery cells to match vehicle assembly volume. According to Tesla, the goal is to locally produce the batteries needed for the car factory. How planning can be implemented is currently being explored.

The subsequent expansion of Giga Berlin, which will include the construction of a battery facility, will be a next-phase process. This is not active construction at the moment, so the approval process for it has not started yet.

Tesla representatives in Germany and Jörg Steinbach have confirmed that production will be located in Grünheide, Brandenburg. Battery production is one of the most expensive in EVs, and supplies rate-limit production capacity. It is welcome and exciting news that Tesla is planning to manufacture the most expensive component of its vehicles in Giga Berlin. The new plant, which will assemble Tesla vehicles for Europe, will equip them with batteries of its own production. This will significantly reduce production time and save costs--yet another step forward in accelerating Tesla's mission for global, sustainable energy.


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