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Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Advances, Production Remains Targeted for Mid-2021

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Advances, Production Remains Targeted for Mid-2021

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Despite possible construction delays--as so passionately described by various media outlets--Tesla's overall schedule for Giga Berlin remains intact. It is reported that the start of production is still targeting mid-2021.

Main Committee is to discuss all objections on November 26, and on December 15, the city council can pass a resolution, which is necessary for the approval of the project. If there are no delays and unforeseen difficulties, then Tesla can receive its final building permit by the end of 2020. For now, Tesla is building with several prior approvals for specific phases of construction.

Arne Kristiani Mayor of Grünheider suggests that Tesla's "timeline is realistic." At the moment, the sixth application for the early start of construction and the procedure for final approval are being considered.

Drive Unit
The building looks almost complete. The roof is completely laid and insulated, the installation of the facade from the north side is wrapping up, windows and blinds on the doors have already been installed.

Paint Shop
The building frame is completely ready and the installation of walls and facades is in progress. The two blocks are finally connected, which marks the achievement of the next stage in construction. Large boxes are visible in the building, which most likely contains equipment. Once permission is obtained to install it, the construction will reach another milestone.

Over the past week, the building has changed even more. It seems that all the excavation work and the installation of the foundation are almost complete, and the installation of the pillars, which will support the massive roof, is continuing. In the photos, we can see large concrete surfaces on the ground that will be supporting eight heavy Giga Presses. The south, west, and north walls have already been installed and now we see a clear outline of the building.

General Assembly
Most of the building has already been completed and covered with a roof. The western part of the building reaches Body in White, and a structure is being erected there, which will ultimately unite the two buildings completely.

Press Shop
It looks like the foundation has been completed. Massive footings are being installed to provide additional strength to the pillars on which the roof will be placed. The construction of a part of the building, which in the future will unite two workshops, has also begun.



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