Tesla TSLA Giga Shanghai Produced About 20,000 Vehicles in October, Posting 7% MoM Sales Growth in China

Tesla TSLA Giga Shanghai Produced About 20,000 Vehicles in October, Posting 7% MoM Sales Growth in China

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Giga Shanghai continues to increase production, trying to meet consumer demand for Tesla vehicles—not only in China but also beyond its borders. In October, the factory produced a large batch of China-made Model 3s for export, and its domestic sales were somewhat limited by this. Despite this, Tesla produced more than 12,000 vehicles for domestic sales, making it one of the leaders in the segment.

In October, wholesale sales of new energy passenger cars in China exceeded 144,000 units, up 119.8% from the previous year and 15.9% more than in September. Wholesale sales of clean electric vehicles totaled 121,000 units, up 137.2% from the previous year. Tesla accounts for about 10% of all sales.

In October, Tesla sold 12,143 vehicles in China, up 7.18% from last month, when the company sold 11,329 units domestically.

In addition, the factory produced another 7,000 Model 3s that were shipped to Europe, demonstrating a significant increase in production capacity. It is estimated that Giga Shanghai now produces between 700 and 800 vehicles per day, which equates to a production capacity of 250K+ units per year.

Tesla car sales continue to grow, which indicates the ever-increasing demand. Thanks to the production of Model 3 in China, Tesla was able to partially satisfy the thirst of customers in the local market, however, despite the constant increase in production capabilities, Giga Shanghai is barely keeping up with demand.

In late October, Tesmanian noticed on the company's website that the Model 3 delivery time for the Chinese consumer, which was previously 1-2 weeks, is now 4-6 weeks, clearly indicating that demand is outstripping supply.

Yesterday, information leaked to the media that Gigafactory Shanghai plans to produce about 550,000 vehicles in 2021, including 300,000 Model 3s and 250,000 Model Ys. Tesla Gigafactory has issued ordering requirements to core component suppliers, people familiar with the matter told Tesmanian. And of the 550,000 units, there are about 100,000 Model 3 units slated for export, along with about 10,000 Model Ys.

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