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Tesla Giga Berlin August Construction Update, Paint Shop, North Expansion & More

Tesla Giga Berlin August Construction Update, Paint Shop, North Expansion & More

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Only nine months have passed since the announcement of Giga Berlin construction, and we can already see the outlines of some buildings. Since receiving the needed permits, Tesla has done a lot of work. A few days before the end of July, all columns were installed for the Drive Unit building. The progress went even further: the installation of walls and roof structures began on the building. Today we can see that the number of roof structures has increased significantly and further wall installation continues.

The Paint Shop progress is stunning. It is already almost half completed. According to Musk, Giga Berlin will have the best paint shop in the world, which is perhaps why this building is being built first. Surely it will be equipped with the latest equipment that has not been used anywhere else, so it will take a little more time to install and test.

A completely new observation was that Tesla began preparing more grounds. The area to the north has been cleared of topsoil, indicating that the foundation and pillars may begin soon. According to the company's plan, Hazmat and part of the next construction phase will be located on this territory.

Source: Tesla

Of course, it is unlikely that Tesla will begin construction on the next phase just yet, so most likely only Hazmat will be built at this point.

Such rapid progress is the pride of both Tesla and Brandenburg. Tesla Giga Berlin could be built faster than the existing Gigafactory in China, said Minister of Economy, Labor and Energy of the State of Brandenburg Jörg Steinbach. "The goal at Tesla seems to be to undercut Shanghai Gigafactory's construction time again," Steinbach told Welt am Sonntag.

"According to my observation, this could very well succeed," Steinbach continued. Tesla built Giga Shanghai in just 11 months. The company gained approval for foundation work in Grünheide in Brandenburg at the end of May, and the construction could already be completed by April. According to the currently unveiled plan, Tesla is aiming to start production from mid-2021.

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