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Tesla Giga Berlin Celebrates its 1st Anniversary Since Project Announcement & the Achievement of Elon Speed

Tesla Giga Berlin Celebrates its 1st Anniversary Since Project Announcement & the Achievement of Elon Speed

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On November 12, 2019, Berlin hosted the Gala of the Golden Steering Wheel, which was attended by all the heads of traditional German car companies. On this day, Tesla Model 3 was awarded for surpassing other cars in terms of agility, equipment, and low cost of ownership. However, this was not the only surprise from the California-based manufacturer. On stage, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla's new Gigafactory would be located in Germany, near Berlin.

Today the company, the authorities, the people of Brandenburg, and the entire Tesla community are celebrating the first anniversary of Giga Berlin. During this year, the company has made incredible progress in changing the way the construction process of large production facilities can go. Without waiting for final environmental approval, Tesla began construction with only partial permits because the company is truly committed to accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy, and there is no place for slowness or delays in fulfilling this mission.

"A year ago: Elon Musk announced it at the Golden Steering Wheel: Tesla is building a factory in ... via @YouTube. An exciting year is behind us. And the next one promises to be no less challenging. Impression from last week Thursday:"

Immediately after the announcement of the new location, there were 300 hectares of pine plantation on this territory. Having received all the necessary preliminary permits, Tesla cleared 90 hectares of pine trees in a matter of weeks, clearing the way for the next stage.

Clearing the trees was just the beginning, because then the company had to remove all the roots, remove the top lay of unusable soil, and tamp the entire area, preparing it for the next stage.

Having done colossal work, just four months after the start of tree clearing, the territory turned into an ideally prepared place for starting the construction of the factory of the future.

In May, the first construction work began, marking the beginning of a new era, the Tesla Era in Europe. Since then, activity on Giga Berlin has not subsided, the speed with which buildings there are growing stuns even the most experienced constructors. There is no place for hesitation and slowness when it comes to Tesla's critical mission. Delivering environmentally-friendly electric vehicles and batteries that can store energy from renewable energy sources to power your home is needed as soon as possible, and all over the world. It's what our planet needs it now.

The Tesmanian team congratulates Tesla on the first anniversary of Giga Berlin, and wishes the company great success in achieving its goals in record time!

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