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Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Is Nearly Complete as EV Storm Is Coming for ICE

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Is Nearly Complete as EV Storm Is Coming for ICE

Photos: flybrandenburg/YouTube

The construction of the outer shell of Giga Berlin seems to be nearing completion, and the factory is almost ready for the interior work. Despite the temporary delays in obtaining final environmental permits, prior permits allow Tesla to carry out all the necessary work and equipment installation in the Paint Shop.

At the moment, thanks to drone recordings, it is clear that almost all buildings have walls and roofs, which are important for protection from bad weather and precipitation. The Drive Unit building has been fully completed from the outside, and internal construction work is underway to prepare the premises for equipment installation.

Construction of the General Assembly (GA) and Body in White (BiW) buildings has also made significant headway. Two-story structures are installed along the perimeter of the GA building. Although this shouldn't be confused when estimating the overall height of the building. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the height of Giga Berlin is about the same as a five-story building. The roof insulation of these buildings is almost complete, so it is almost impossible to see what is happening inside.

The Paint Shop was the very first building to undergo construction at Gigafactory Berlin. The robust design will house Geico Taikisha's zero-impact paint shop. The construction of this building has progressed well, and the installation of equipment has now begun. Due to the felling of trees, drone flight from the north side of the building are prohibited, however, flybrandenburg/YouTube managed to get a few shots flying from the east side.

Today Musk shared a video of Giga Berlin covered in snow. In these shots, the factory resembled Winterfell—the family castle of House Stark from the fantasy novel "A Game of Thrones" by American writer George R.R. Martin. The construction of Giga Berlin is almost complete, and now it looks more and more like the official render, presented by Musk just 6 months ago.


Brandenburg Environment Minister Axel Vogel expects that a decision will soon be made on the approval of Tesla's Grünheide plant, and by that time the company will be fully prepared to start all the next steps. "I assume that the State Environmental Agency will bring the procedure to a speedy conclusion," he said. Vogel does not give specific dates but suggests that this should happen in late January to early February.

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