Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Speed is No Joke--CEO Elon Musk Means Business

Tesla Giga Berlin Construction Speed is No Joke--CEO Elon Musk Means Business

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The speed at which Tesla is building its new plant in Grünheide serves as role model for other large-scale construction projects not only in Germany but around the world. "The rapid development of Tesla's location as a billion-dollar global company in Brandenburg is a positive, but also a rare example of rapid project implementation," said Gerd Landsberg, CEO and Executive Member of the German Association of Cities and Municipalities.

Approval procedures in Germany, which sometimes take years for large infrastructure projects and company settlement, are unacceptable given the urgently needed expansion of important projects. The main reasons for delays are “excessive” standards and legal disputes, especially with regard to environmental and nature protection requirements. "This often severely delays projects or prevents them entirely," Landsberg criticized.

Nevertheless, Tesla proved to be a high-class organizer and, with the support of the politicians of Brandenburg, was able to achieve an incredible speed of construction.

At the moment, all Phase 1 buildings are simultaneously under construction. The most advanced is the Drive Unit. The building already has three finished walls, one of which has already received a facade. The western part of the building is being completed. There will be truck ramps on this side.

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Construction of the Paint Shop is also progressing rapidly. Over the past few days, the second part of the building has taken shape, with more walls and part of the roof. The space between the two blocks is still occupied by construction materials, but most likely, active construction work will begin there soon.

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The Body in White building continues to be roofed. At the moment, most of the building has already been covered and is being insulated.

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The installation of footings for Casting continues. This process requires special attention as the building will house 8 giant Die Casting Machines--Giga Presses. Most of the footings are already installed, though it may take another 1-2 weeks to fully complete this step.

Source: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

According to preliminary estimates of German politicians, Tesla may receive final environmental approval as early as mid-December. "When the approval for the entire project comes, is closely related to the development plan procedure. Both should be signed and sealed in mid-December," said Minister for Economic Affairs, Labor and Energy Jörg Steinbach.


From mid-2021, Giga Berlin is expected to start production of the Model Y with an initial production capacity of 100,000 vehicles per year and could ultimately employ up to 40,000 workers.


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