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Tesla Giga Berlin Does Not Stand Out in Terms of Number of Accidents, Government States

Tesla Giga Berlin Does Not Stand Out in Terms of Number of Accidents, Government States

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The number of accidents at Tesla Giga Berlin is not unusually high, despite misleading reports. The Brandenburg government issued an official statement to refute the false information. The Tesla factory has been under close surveillance by the authorities since the company was established in the region.

The German publication, Stern, recently published an article containing information regarding an unusually high number of accidents at the Tesla factory in Brandenburg, Germany. The article indicated that there were serious and extremely serious accidents at Giga Berlin, as well as many environmental accidents. According to information, accidents at the plant occurred almost daily over a long period of time. This report was picked up by many local and international publications, damaging Tesla's reputation.

However, a few days after the Stern article was published, the Brandenburg government was forced to intervene to expose the misleading information, which was brought to the attention of @alex_avoigt/X. A government official rejected accusations that there was insufficient control over the site and said there had been no significant increase in accidents at work. It was emphasized that Tesla is the only company in the state that is under such super close control.

“In all of Brandenburg, there is no company or large construction site that is inspected more intensively and frequently than the Tesla construction site and the Tesla company,” State Health Minister Ursula Nonnemacher told the state parliament’s health committee. She emphasized that the company is treated the same as any other company in Brandenburg. At the same time, every report of potential violations of labor safety rules, including anonymous ones, is investigated.

Marian Mischke, the responsible head of the Department of the State Chancellery, said that during the construction phase, the Tesla factory was inspected weekly. Inspections are now carried out approximately every two weeks. Event-related inspections are conducted without notice every six to eight weeks.

Mischke emphasized that despite the Stern report's claim, compared to other automakers, Tesla has not seen a noticeable increase in the number of workplace accidents. In addition, he pointed out that the assessment must also take into account that the manufacturer simultaneously manages the construction site and production. Moreover, several hundred different companies were involved in the construction of the factory.

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