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Tesla Giga Berlin: First Look from Inside the Drive Unit Building

Tesla Giga Berlin: First Look from Inside the Drive Unit Building

Featured image: @RalfThomas/Twitter

Speedy progress on the construction of Giga Berlin continues to stun. The past week's efforts have moved the project forward significantly, and now almost all  main Phase 1 buildings are well-outlined and shaped.

The Drive Unit is already just about complete: the walls and the roof have already been installed. The western part of the building, where there will be ramps for the entrance, has two floors, unlike the rest of the building. Probably, the second floor will be partially used for offices, a break room or canteen, which is why windows are installed there.

Source: @RalfThomas/Twitter

The facade is already fully installed on the eastern wall of the building. On all others, the installation process is still ongoing. However, the installation of the facade is not a priority. Soon, cold weather and precipitation will arrive in Germany. Special attention should be paid to completing the outer shell of the building, which will be a protective shield to the elements.

Source: @RalfThomas/Twitter

Interior work on the building is also progressing. In parallel with the external work, the premises are being prepared for the installation of equipment. Leaked photos from inside Drive Unit, posted by @Gf4Tesla/Twitter, show the building is ready for the next phase of interior work.

In addition to the world-class craftsmanship of the builders and the honed organization of the work crew, an important factor is that Giga Berlin is being built with a prefabricated construction method. This helps optimize efficiency and quality in the building process.


Giga Berlin's swift progress suggests that Phase 1 will be completed ahead of schedule. This would give Tesla an earlier than expected start on Model Y production for the European market—further extending the company’s lead in the broader EV market.

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