Tesla Giga Berlin Foundation Construction Should Start This Week

Tesla Giga Berlin Foundation Construction Should Start This Week

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Tesla has made incredible progress on the Giga Berlin site and it seems that at the moment the workers are only waiting for permission to begin building the foundation.

Recent images from drones show us that the site is fully prepared in order to begin construction of the foundation for the plant. On May 13 a pile driver was spotted on the site, which indicated that Tesla was smoothly entering the construction phase.

On May 18, excavators began to make markings, which supposedly should have been used to place piles there. On May 19, the pile driver began work and placed 19 piles in the ground.

Source: Tobias Lindh

On May 26, the piles were prepared for a load test. This must be done in order to make sure that the land in this area is stable and ready for foundation work. Also, the test results will show the quality of the piles and the condition of the soil, so that in the future this does not cause a problem after the construction of the structure.

Today, new construction crews with a large number of containers arrived at the site. At the moment, everything indicates that builders are waiting for a building permit, which, according to local enthusiasts, should be received by the end of this week.

Shots from today's video show that the load test is being carried out right now.

Initial Load Tests on Piles. This test is performed to confirm the design load calculations and to provide guidelines for setting up the limits of acceptance for routine tests. It also gives an idea of ​​the suitability of the piling system. Initial Test on piles are to be carried out at one or more locations depending on the number of piles required. The test load shall be maintained for 24 hours.

Source: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

Based on reasonable assumptions and observations, Giga Berlin will begin the construction phase by the end of this week. The entire Tesla community is eagerly watching the progress on the site. At the moment, all work is going according to plan, so there is every reason to believe that the first deliveries of the made in Germany Model Y will be in 2021.

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