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Tesla Giga Berlin Gets Permission to Build 2,000 More Bodies for Test Purposes

Tesla Giga Berlin Gets Permission to Build 2,000 More Bodies for Test Purposes

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Tesla Giga Berlin received another early permit, which allows the production of cars. According to the document, the company can produce a maximum of 500 bodies per week on an 8-hour workday. The permit allows the production of a total of 2,000 bodies for further system testing.

Tesla has yet to receive a final environmental permit for the construction of Giga Berlin, but the process is in its final stages, according to local politicians. So far, the manufacturer has built the factory, installed the equipment, and continues to test it thanks to early approvals issued by the relevant authorities. Tesla received permission to build 250 bodies last year in order to set up and test the operability of the factory, but now, testing can be expanded even further.

According to information from Tobias Lindh/Twitter, Tesla received another early permit to build even more Model Y bodies. The document clarified that the Press Shop and Body in White can produce up to 2,000 cars, but not more than 500 per week. The Paint Shop can also paint no more than 500 vehicles per week up to 2,000 units in total. The working day must be no more than eight hours. This approval allows Tesla to carry out these tests for the next eight weeks.

It should be kept in mind that the permit allows the production of vehicles for test purposes only. Any parts and bodies, as well as finished vehicles manufactured during system tests, should not be sold or used as goods. However, the permission to manufacture such a large number of vehicles allows Tesla to actively test all systems and equipment, and also allows workers to undergo active training before starting mass production. The finished vehicles can be used to undergo numerous tests for certification and crash tests, which the company regularly performs to understand how to further improve the safety of its vehicles.

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