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Tesla Giga Berlin Has no Major Production Discrepancies, the First Inspection by Authorities Reveals

Tesla Giga Berlin Has no Major Production Discrepancies, the First Inspection by Authorities Reveals

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After the first inspection of Tesla Giga Berlin, the relevant authorities came to the conclusion that there are no serious production discrepancies and the factory does not endanger the environment. Most of the requirements are met perfectly, and a few other minor inconsistencies can be eliminated very easily.

Tesla has largely met all government anti-pollution and environmental protection requirements at its Giga Berlin, according to the State Environmental Protection Agency, reported rbb24. They came to this conclusion after they received the results of the first comprehensive check conducted by the authorities from May 9 to 20. The immission protection review did not reveal any facts that would justify the need for a ban on operation, the state environmental protection agency said. In this way, the factory can continue to produce vehicles smoothly in order to fulfill the orders of its customers as quickly as possible.

The State Environment Agency found some very minor deficiencies. For example, the installation sites of the machinery deviated by several meters compared to the submitted documents from the construction plan. However, it is noted that this does not pose a threat to the environment, and the discrepancy can be corrected in several ways, including simply updating the submitted documents. “Such deficiencies can be corrected by updating submitted documents, provided that these deviations do not affect, for example, noise protection measures or other relevant specifications,” spokesman Thomas Frey said.

The State Environment Agency also stated that the requirements for the protection of species have been fully and professionally implemented. This includes the creation of populations of smooth snakes and agile lizards, the deployment of nest boxes for breeders, and the ecological transformation of forests.

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