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Tesla Giga Berlin Held a Girls' Day to Encourage Tech Careers

Tesla Giga Berlin Held a Girls' Day to Encourage Tech Careers

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Tesla Giga Berlin held its second Girls' Day to encourage girls to think about tech careers. Schoolgirls from the region, aged 13 to 18, visited the factory, where they got an exclusive look into the day-to-day work of an electric vehicle factory.

In order to break any stereotypes that the tech and automotive industries are not for women, Tesla is making a real effort. The Texas manufacturer invited schoolgirls from the Brandenburg region to look at the work of their employees and give an understanding that the auto industry is no longer a male field of work. On Thursday, about 80 schoolgirls aged 13 to 18 visited Giga Berlin for Girls' Day. Tesla took part in the 21st Future Day, which was held in Brandenburg.

Under the guidance of female engineers, the girls were able to practice at five different stations in small workshops. There, they were able to, for example, create 3D Tesla logos, create circuits from lemons and mini power cables, and assemble car models.

Simone Hofschulz from the Oberstufenzentrum in Fürstenwald (Oder-Spree) is participating for the second time with her students at the Tesla Future Day. The company has been inviting schoolgirls to its US locations for years to give them a behind-the-scenes look and insight into the work of female engineers. Giga Berlin continues this tradition.

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