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Tesla Giga Berlin Is a Hotbed of Technology: Even the Graffiti on its Walls Are Painted by Robots

Tesla Giga Berlin Is a Hotbed of Technology: Even the Graffiti on its Walls Are Painted by Robots

Photo: @Gf4Tesla/Twitter

Tesla Giga Berlin is home to many of the latest technologies that are used in the production of the company's high-tech vehicles. In addition, its walls are decorated with stunning graffiti, some of which are drawn by robots.

Few people attach much importance to Tesla factories, but they are another product of the company. However, the difference is that it is an incredibly complex product and requires a lot more engineering than other of the company's products. Tesla CEO Elon Musk calls factories machines that make machines and is 100% right about that. During the Q2 2020 Earnings Call, he said:

“We’re bringing a massive amount of effort into manufacturing and engineering the machine that makes the machine. There's probably 1,000%, maybe 10,000% more engineering required for the factory than for the product itself. So we're certainly making progress. Battery and powertrain factory - Gigafactory in Nevada is on an Alien Dreadnought Version 0.5, something like that. So we're starting to approach Version 1. We're getting way better at making cars. You can see that in Giga Shanghai. You'll see that even more with Berlin.”

The essence of this machine (factory) is that in it the processes are not only more automated, but also the number of process steps and complexities associated with the production system is minimized, which includes the real integration of design and production. Tesla has taken all the knowledge and technology created and collected over the years and then applied that learning for Giga Shanghai, Giga Berlin, and Giga Texas.

In addition, Tesla welcomes technology in everything, even when it comes to art. Any observer would have noticed that the walls of Giga Berlin from the outside are decorated with stunning graffiti. Over the past months, many have tried to find out who are the creators, and now the veil of mystery has been lifted just a little bit.

Although to date it remains unknown which artist is behind the graffiti, it has become known exactly how it was drawn. Whereas before the drawings were applied behind a cover, in the last two artworks, the artist worked openly. Thanks to this, @Gf4Tesla/Twitter was able to notice that the graffiti is not applied directly by the artist, but by robotics.

@Gf4Tesla clarified that at least some of the graffiti in Giga Berlin was painted using Robot Muralist's robotic technology. So, a small spray robot is loaded with paint, and then, fixed with ropes from above, moves vertically along the wall to be decorated, applying a pre-programmed pattern. The company behind the robotics writes about itself:

“Robot Muralist creates uplifting Art Media in cities globally. Murals are eye-catching and coveted artworks that make urban environments more vibrant and attractive. The artist is allowed complete freedom and is not restricted by the size, style, content or any other aspect of the desired artwork.”

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