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Tesla Giga Berlin is Very Popular in Germany as a Place to Work & Internship

Tesla Giga Berlin is Very Popular in Germany as a Place to Work & Internship

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Tesla Giga Berlin is highly popular in Germany as a place to work and intern, which could make other companies in the region worry about young talent, according to a local employment agency.

At the moment, the construction of Giga Berlin continues. While the main building has an almost complete shell, the focus is on the construction of a building that will house production lines for 4680 battery cells. In parallel with the construction, Tesla also continues to recruit employees and apprentices. According to RBB24, the company has already selected apprentices to be trained at the factory. In addition, according to information from the employment agency in Frankfurt an der Oder, the manufacturer has already hired many employees.

Jochem Freyer, the managing director of the agency, said that training is now beginning for new employees. “Several educational institutions in the region are imparting specific basic knowledge, for example, in high voltage technology, system operation, and safety measures and regulations,” he said. At the moment, it is known that about 130 previously unemployed can count on a permanent job if qualification measures are successfully completed. These training courses are conducted by various educational institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg. Crash courses last up to four months, including an internship at Giga Berlin.

Since Tesla wants to become a training company for young professionals, at the beginning of the school year, on September 1, about 20 students start their careers in the factory. At this point, students will be trained to become IT and warehouse logistics professionals. For those seeking a dual engineering degree, there is also an offer. Young specialists receive theoretical knowledge for this at the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, and they will practice at Giga Berlin.

The employment agency has confirmed that it has received many applications for the opportunity to study at Tesla. Freyer said there have been many applications from young people from local educational institutions, and there has been a lot of national interest related to Tesla's image. “Among the graduates of East Brandenburg schools, there were many young people who applied. But there was also a lot of national interest. It certainly has something to do with Tesla's image among young people, too,” he said.

The employment agency believes Tesla's popularity among job seekers is so high that this should make some companies in the region worry about young talent. Freyer said that this is certainly very good for Brandenburg. Tesla wants to increase its student population to 150 in the coming years, making it the largest private teaching company between Berlin and the Polish border.

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