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Tesla Giga Berlin no Longer Under Investigation in Hazardous Materials Warehouse Case

Tesla Giga Berlin no Longer Under Investigation in Hazardous Materials Warehouse Case

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The prosecutor's office closed the investigation against those responsible at Tesla Giga Berlin on suspicion of unauthorized operation of a warehouse of hazardous materials. The circumstances of the violation make it possible to close the case if compensation for it is paid on time.

In August 2022, the State Office for the Environment opened a criminal case against Tesla at the prosecutor's office in Frankfurt an der Oder. It was suspected of unauthorized operation of a storage facility for hazardous materials. Since then, six individuals potentially responsible have been investigated. The investigations were carried out by Potsdam, where all cases of serious economic and environmental crimes in the state of Brandenburg are considered.

As a result of the investigation, the proceedings of the five defendants were completely terminated due to insufficient suspicion, rbb reports. The position regarding the other suspect was still preliminary since she has a chance to pay a fine. According to the investigation, this person arranged the use of a temporary warehouse of hazardous materials. The representative of the prosecutor's office stated that if payment of a fine is made on time, the criminal case against this person will be finally terminated.

The prosecutor's office stated that the decisive factor for the dismissal of the case was that the use of the hazardous materials warehouse was planned only in the short term and that no particular danger to the environment had occurred or was expected.

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