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Tesla Giga Berlin May Start 3rd Shift Earlier than Expected

Tesla Giga Berlin May Start 3rd Shift Earlier than Expected

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Tesla Giga Berlin may start a third shift earlier than expected. According to information from German sources, the introduction of an additional shift would allow the factory to work 24 hours a day.

Tesla Giga Berlin is actively preparing to start true mass production. The team currently produces 1,000 vehicles per week, working in two shifts, one starting at 06:30 and the other at 14:30. However, some really important changes that would significantly increase the production capacity of the factory may soon begin.

In an article by the German edition of Moz, published on June 27, it is stated that starting next Monday, Giga Berlin will start working in three shifts. The statement was written referring to the words of a man who introduced himself to them as a Tesla employee, although he spoke on the condition of anonymity. According to this person, starting July 4, Giga Berlin will introduce a third shift that will work at night. Thus, the factory will work 24 hours a day. “Then, another shift should start on July 4, which will then work at night. So [the factory will] work 24 hours per day,” the source explained.

It was previously expected that the third shift would only be launched after Tesla was able to start mass production of 4680 battery cells at Giga Berlin, which was supposed to happen no earlier than autumn 2022. It seems unlikely that the company was able to launch it already now. For a number of reasons, it is worth treating with great caution the information published by Moz.

However, it should also be taken into account that due to large production delays at Giga Shanghai, the company may be rushing to increase production in order to catch up in Q3 what was lost in Q2. That is why the likelihood that Giga Berlin will start working in three shifts soon may reflect the actual state of affairs.

Tesmanian is currently awaiting confirmation or refutation of the information from our sources and the article will be updated as soon as we receive it.

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