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Tesla Giga Berlin Expected to Be Approved in Early 2022, Says Prime Minister Woidke

Tesla Giga Berlin Expected to Be Approved in Early 2022, Says Prime Minister Woidke

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Tesla Giga Berlin could be approved in early 2022, Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke said. The approval process continues to drag on, but policymakers at all levels are confident that the company will receive final approval.

From the looks of it, Tesla can expect the final approval of Giga Berlin in early 2022. Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke does not know the exact day when this will happen, but he is sure that it will not drag on for a long time. “I don't know exactly what day of the week—but it's predictable: it will probably be early in the year.” The politician's confidence indicates that we are talking only of the timing of approval and not whether Tesla will receive or will not receive permission.

The American manufacturer expected to be able to start production no later than December 2021, but the fight of so-called “environmental” groups against construction has made adjustments. In fact, the manufacturer's factory fully meets all the requirements and could have received the final construction approval already several months ago, but loopholes in German law allowed opponents to drag things out as much as possible.

These groups have tried on several occasions to suspend early building permits received by Tesla by suing the manufacturer over various measures it is taking during the construction process. Instead of joining forces with a company that makes electric vehicles that do not pollute the environment during operation, they decided to oppose construction.

As a reminder, the site where the manufacturer is building the factory was proposed by the local government and is in an industrial zone.

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