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Tesla Giga Berlin May Conduct Tests: Court Rejects Claim of Environmental Organizations

Tesla Giga Berlin May Conduct Tests: Court Rejects Claim of Environmental Organizations

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The Administrative Court of Frankfurt an der Oder have rejected the urgent claim by two environmental associations for a functional test of Tesla Giga Berlin. The tests do not pose a threat to the environment, which means that the claim has no basis whatsoever.

Environmental associations Green League and Nabu have failed with a rushed lawsuit to stop testing the functionality of Tesla systems Giga Berlin. The Administrative Court of Frankfurt an der Oder rejected the motion, which was announced on Tuesday.

The State Environmental Administration (LfU) has previously rejected the suspension of prior authorization required by environmental associations Nabu and Green League. In response, environmentalists once again filed a lawsuit against the early approval of the construction of Giga Berlin in the Frankfurt an der Oder administrative court on June 16. Resistance to the construction of the factory for the production of electric vehicles that will improve the global environmental situation reaches the point of absurdity.

This preliminary approval includes testing the functionality of the systems in the Paint Shop, Casting, and Body in White. In addition, the installation of wastewater treatment tanks and a filling system has been agreed upon in advance. It should be kept in mind that functional tests are not a trial run. In functional tests, only small quantities of hazardous substances are used, which are only dangerous in large quantities and are of great importance in the event of an accident. Therefore, the information obtained from the previously submitted Incident Hazard Report does not conflict with this decision.

In its reasoning, the court stated that it was not obvious that functional tests, which were limited in time, would pose a risk. The scope of approval by the State Environmental Administration (LfU) includes only short-term commissioning of selected parts of the system for testing purposes and, in particular, no regular operational activities. A real risk situation due to significant and irreversible harm to the environment, mainly in the form of harmful emissions, should not be expected in relation to the trial operation of the plant components.

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