Tesla Giga Berlin “Mud Field 2.0” Construction Started

by Eva Fox May 18, 2020

Tesla Giga Berlin “Mud Field 2.0” Construction Started

After months of preparing the site for the future Giga Berlin, Tesla begins construction.

Tesla filed application aiming for early construction despite the crisis associated with Covid-19, and the automaker wants to advance its plans to establish the first factory in Europe. According to the government of Brandenburg, the company filed a third application for early approval of measures to prepare for construction. The first Tesla's European Gigafactory is planned to be launched into production according to the plan.

Tesla wrote in its Q1 2020 Update letter, that the company recently completed the land preparation phase and is about to begin work on the construction phase of this project. Based on current progress, the company plans to launch the first deliveries of the Model Y from Gigafactory Berlin in 2021.

Tesla’s intentions are reinforced by action. Recently, the company announced a recruitment for some positions that relate to the planning and construction in the Giga Berlin. The latest reports of the local ones who are monitoring the progress of the company indicate that now activity on the site is noticed even at an evening time.

Source: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

May 13 a pile driver was spotted on the site. Although at the moment it has not yet been seen in action, this still indicates that Tesla is already moving smoothly into the construction phase.

Source: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

Source: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

As we know, the automaker is seeking to switch to aluminum casting instead of a series of stamped parts. With Model Y, Tesla switched from 70 parts to 4, and then plans to move to 1 with a reduction in weight, improvement in MBH, reduction in cost, and a significant drop in capital expenditure for all the robots that used to put 70 parts together. 

To do this, the company creates a gigantic new casting machine to produce most of the Model Y frame in one piece. As far as know, this machine is an incredibly large weight. Perhaps the piles, which may now be driven into the ground, will serve as a support for the building in which this machine will be located.

The train delivers gravel to the site almost every day.

At the moment, thanks to the video, we can see that the gravel has been covered and graded into the ground over a large part of the site. Perhaps this territory will be used as a settlement for builders or, as the enthusiast @Gf4Tesla/Twitter suggested, as a place for building materials.

We can all observe the impressive progress Tesla made in Germany. Each time, the speed of building a new factory of the company becomes faster and faster. In China, Giga Shanghai was built in 10 months and everything indicates that Giga Berlin will be built even faster. This, in turn, may mean that in a few months the first customers will receive their Model Y made in Germany.

Featured image: @gigafactory_4/Twitter

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