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Tesla Giga Berlin Ramp Hinted By Company's Patent Filing For System and Method For Monitoring Stress Cycles

Tesla Giga Berlin Ramp Hinted By Company's Patent Filing For System and Method For Monitoring Stress Cycles

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Tesla’s Giga Berlin ramp may be linked to a patent Tesla recently filed in Europe titled "System and Method for Monitoring Stress Cycles." The first patent for Tesla’s System and Method for Monitoring Stress cycles was filed for the World Intellectual Property Organization under number WO2019/006035 A1. Recently, Tesla filed a similar or identical patent for Europe under number EP3645332

Construction on Giga Berlin may be starting to ramp. Workers began to pour gravel into the site cleared for Giga Berlin’s Model Y manufacturing building. Meanwhile, Tesla seems to be laying the foundation for its growth in Europe, which could exponentially rise after Giga Berlin starts production. 

Tesla has also filed another patent in Europe for its Multi-Channel and Bi-Directional Battery Management system recently. Both patents were individually filed in China and other countries as well like, Japan and the United States. 

The System and Method for Monitoring Stress Cycles patent described Tesla’s way of detecting problems within its vehicles’ systems. The abstract of EP3645332 reads: 

“A system for monitoring stress cycles includes memory storing a base value and an inflection value of a stress cycle and one or more processors coupled to the memory. The processor(s) are configured to receive a series of stress values from a stress sensor. For each stress value in the series, the processor(s) are configured to perform operations including performing a first comparison between the stress value and a previous stress value in the series of stress values, detecting an inflection in the series of stress values based on the first comparison, updating the base value and the inflection value in response to detecting the inflection, performing a second comparison between the stress value and the base value, determining whether the stress cycle is complete based on the second comparison, and recording the stress cycle in response to determining that the stress cycle is complete.”


The patent has been linked to Tesla Autopilot and its potential capability to autonomously drive cars to service centers when an issue with vehicles are discovered. Former Tesla employee Eshak Mir—who used to be part of the company’s Autopilot Team—may have referred to the Autopilot capability during his interview with Third Row Podcast.

“I feel like our service department and service at Tesla…it’s just going to be so much more automated. And in the future…we might not even need service centers. Like when Autopilot…joins together with service your car will go to service itself and then there’s no service centers,” he shared with the members of Third Row. Mir said that capabilities like that are far into the future. He eluded that as Autopilot technology evolves, future capabilities like Tesla cars driving themselves into service centers become more feasible. 

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