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Tesla Giga Berlin Opens Highway Exit for Suppliers as Production Nears

Tesla Giga Berlin Opens Highway Exit for Suppliers as Production Nears

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Tesla Giga Berlin officially opened a highway exit this afternoon, which was built by the manufacturer as a temporary measure. The road is only open to Tesla and its suppliers, as the production start date approaches.

Today at 4 p.m. local time, an exit from the highway to Tesla Giga Berlin was opened, which RBB 24 learned about at the request of the responsible highway service station in Erkner (Oder-Spree). The exit built by the manufacturer connects the factory and the A10, which is extremely important. The new road is only a temporary solution and in a few years, a new interchange will be built to connect the A10 and several other facilities in the area.

This morning, builders drew lane markings for a new exit. For this purpose, one of the strips of the eastern Berlin ring in the direction of Dreieck Barnim was blocked. After opening today, only Tesla and its suppliers can use the road. Drivers who accidentally take the exit can return to the highway at the next roundabout.

Tesla built the driveway with permission from the authorities because, according to the current planning status, the larger public utility exit will not be completed until 2026 at the earliest. Once completed, it should also be accessible to the public in both directions and lead to the Fangschleuse station.

Tesla planned and implemented a temporary motorway connection to the A10 ring highway in Berlin for its Giga Berlin. In particular, trucks need to be able to use the connection to quickly get to the factory after it starts operations. This is expected to happen in the coming weeks.

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