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Tesla Giga Berlin Makes €100 Million Construction Deposit as Plant Races Toward Finish Line

Tesla Giga Berlin Makes €100 Million Construction Deposit as Plant Races Toward Finish Line

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Tesla has paid a €100 million bail for the construction of its Grünheide plant--Giga Berlin. This information is confirmed by the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment, which means that construction can continue without fear of stopping.

At the moment, Tesla is building only with preliminary permits, and the final environmental permit has not yet been received. This allows the manufacturer to save a lot of time and not waste it just waiting for a final permit before starting construction. As real-life examples show, this can advance a project by at least one year.

However, if the final building permit is never issued, Tesla will have to dismantle what has already been built. For these purposes, the Brandenburg government determined that the company must pay them a deposit of €100 million, which, if necessary, will be spent on dismantling.

On January 15, the Ministry of the Environment extended the deferred payment for Tesla until January 20, but the company paid the amount on the evening of the 15th. The money transfer to its German subsidiary Grohmann, which then issues the guarantee, was difficult in detail, so the payment was initially delayed. Nevertheless, for the time being, all the issues have been settled.

The Ministry of the Environment announced on Friday evening that a fundamental agreement has been reached between the licensing authority and Tesla Germany: "The necessary security is ensured by the provision of a confirmation letter from the German GmbH in conjunction with a deposit of 100 million euros," rbb24 reported.

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