Tesla Giga Berlin Plans Model 3 & S Production: Rumor

Tesla Giga Berlin Plans Model 3 & S Production: Rumor

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Tesla Giga Berlin may be planning to produce Model 3 and Model S in the future, an employee said. Given the high demand for cars in Europe, this may make sense, although the exact details of the development are unknown.

Giga Berlin is Tesla's first European factory, where production began with its most popular electric car model, Model Y. The compact SUV is an attractive option for many consumers, as it has a more spacious interior, and combines the performance and characteristics of both sedans and SUVs. Model Y is already on its way to becoming the best-selling car in the world, and in 2023, Tesla's increased production capacity should ensure it reaches the top spot.

However, other Tesla vehicles are also highly popular. Model 3 attracts consumers with its affordability, compared to the company's other models. In addition, many people prefer a sedan, which is also more convenient for use in many European cities, as it has a more compact size. Also, many people prefer the high-performance Model S. At the moment, Tesla Europe relies entirely on Giga Shanghai and the company's Fremont factory for the production of Model 3 and Model S. However, with the high demand for these models, it might make sense for Tesla to manufacture or assemble them locally.

@FelixKern2/Twitter recently visited Giga Berlin where he says he was able to talk to a factory employee. They seem to have had a very productive conversation as @FelixKern2 had a lot to say. However, one of the most interesting was that, according to an employee, Giga Berlin intends to install production lines for Model S and Model 3. In this case, it is reported that the production line for Model S is already being installed. There is no data is reported about Model X.

"Tesla is currently building a new factory line (I don't think it's official yet) of the Model S. In the future, Model S will also be produced in Grünheide.

Model 3 is also planned!"

While starting production of Model 3 seems like a logical step, setting up a production line for Model S right now is doubtful, though absolutely possible in the future. @FelixKern2 did not provide any further clarification, so one can only guess the details of this. Tesla previously had an assembly facility for Model S and Model X in the Netherlands, but closed it as it switched to the production of updated versions, and deliveries to Europe were started only two years after that. Therefore, it made no sense to support the operations of the facility. In this light, it seems more likely that Giga Berlin could install an assembly line for Model S, given that the motors for it are already made in Germany. Most likely, in the coming months, we will hear more details on this matter, which will help confirm or refute this information.


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