Tesla Giga Texas Gets Dozens of Robots, Likely to Build Cybertruck

Tesla Giga Texas Gets Dozens of Robots, Likely to Build Cybertruck

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Tesla Giga Texas gets dozens of KUKA robots. As Cybertruck is slated to start production in six months, it seems likely that they are intended specifically for the pickup truck production lines, for which tooling has already begun.

Cybertruck remains one of the hottest topics in the Tesla community. The start of its production is scheduled for 2023, so any information related to this is of great interest. In its earnings report for Q3 2022, the manufacturer released information that made its customers and investors very happy. According to Tesla's installed annual manufacturing capacity information, the production of Cybertruck is already in the tooling stage at Giga Texas.

On December 16, it became known that the factory has finally received a delivery from the Italian IDRA. This is the long-awaited Giga Press with a clamping force of 9,000 tons, which will be used to produce the rear single-piece cast of Cybertruck. Boxes of parts for the giant machine have been in Texas for weeks now.

Now it became known about another delivery to Giga Texas. According to @greggertruck/Twitter (via Drive Tesla), the factory has received dozens of KUKA robots. These are the robots that Tesla uses on their production lines in factories around the world. They are red and orange in color and have probably caught your eye more than once in photographs taken at the manufacturer's facilities. Robots are made in Germany. @greggertruck shared the bill of landing of this shipment. According to him, on December 18, Giga Texas received 9 deliveries. Each consisted of 3 to 10 robots and a total of 66 robots were delivered.

Since Model Y is already in production, it can be assumed that the line does not need such a major expansion right now, although such a possibility still exists. At the same time, it is a known fact that production of Cybertruck should start in the coming months, which means that the factory should already begin installing production equipment in order to calibrate it and train employees to work on it. Based on this, it can be assumed that these robots will be installed on the Cybertruk production line.

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