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Tesla Giga Berlin Presents a Preliminary Draft Development Plan for New Site

Tesla Giga Berlin Presents a Preliminary Draft Development Plan for New Site

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Tesla Giga Berlin has presented a preliminary draft development plan for its site. After viewing it, public discussion will begin. Experts expect the development plan to be approved no earlier than the beginning of next year.

Tesla has planned an expansion of Giga Berlin, which includes the addition of over 100 hectares of land. The preliminary draft of the new development and land use plan (B-Plan) for the Freienbrink-Nord area has been made available to the public at the Grunheide town hall and online since Thursday.

The preliminary draft contains about 300 pages. It describes the planning area and what Tesla plans to place on it. Also, two reports were attached, one on flora and the other on fauna at this site. The development plan primarily describes the laws and standards under which development may be possible on the site in question. The two attached reports deal with the forest and the animals that live there.

At the moment, Tesla owns a plot of about 280 hectares, on which an automobile and battery plant has already been built. According to the preliminary project, Tesla can expand its territory by about 110 hectares. On them, the company wants to build warehouse and logistics zones, as well as a cargo base. The use of concrete structures is not included in the preliminary design. Most of the approximately 300 pages are dedicated to the environment.

Environmental organizations and citizens now have one month to review the documents and comment on them. Once comments are left, they must be reviewed and taken into account in the further approval process. The process is then repeated again for the actual design. Experts expect the development plan to be completed no earlier than the beginning of next year.

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