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Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Another Preliminary Permit to Install More Machines & Equipment

Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Another Preliminary Permit to Install More Machines & Equipment

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The State Environmental Agency today granted Tesla another preliminary permit for the installation of additional machine parts in the existing buildings of Giga Berlin in several key workshops.

The permit gives Tesla the ability to install additional system parts and equipment for the Paint Shop, Press Shop, and Body Shop. Equipment and parts for it have been on the territory of Giga Berlin or in warehouses not far from it for some time. The systems will be installed in already constructed buildings and no expansion of the territory is expected; therefore, it does not require a permit for nature protection.

Tesla filed this early launch approval under Section 8a of the Federal Emissions Control Act in late November 2020. At the moment, the licensing authority has received an application for approval of the early start of work to remove the topsoil and level the site in areas already cleared of industrial pines.

Tesla continues construction at its own risk, while consideration of the final decision continues. The licensing authority and relevant authorities are currently examining the objections to the project, taking into account the results of public hearings.

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