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Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Preliminary Permit to Lay Multi-Purpose Pipes

Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Preliminary Permit to Lay Multi-Purpose Pipes

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Construction of Tesla's factory in Germany continues and gains momentum as the company received its twelfth pre-approval permit, which will allow the manufacturer to install pipes for sewage, rainwater, and power lines.

At the end of February, Tesla applied for a permit for laying pipes for sewage and rainwater, as well as for power lines. After more than one month of consideration, on April 13, the Brandenburg Environmental Agency issued the company a corresponding permit. The twelfth prior permit means that Tesla, at its own risk, can now lay pipes that can be used for various purposes: for sewage and rainwater, as well as for power lines, for instance. These pipes would run above the groundwater level on the Giga Berlin premises.

The permit states that Tesla must comply with special design and material quality requirements for pipes as they will be installed in a drinking water protection zone. In addition, the installation must comply with certain noise limits during the construction period. Furthermore, the pipelines must be installed by a qualified specialist company. And finally, the construction process must be monitored by an independent company for environmental protection with a particular focus on water pollution.

At the moment, Giga Berlin has not received a final environmental permit under the Federal Emission Control Act, so Tesla is building with prior approvals. Tesla's courage in building a factory only with prior approvals has borne fruit. In just 10 months since the foundation was laid, the shell of Giga Berlin is almost complete and a lot of equipment has already been installed. In just a few months, mass production of the German-made Model Y will begin, opening up new opportunities for Tesla and moving the company even closer to achieving its core goal of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy.

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