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Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Public Support from Brandenburg Minister of Environment

Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Public Support from Brandenburg Minister of Environment

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The Minister of the Environment of Brandenburg, Axel Vogel, has publicly expressed his support of Tesla Giga Berlin, saying that the project has an incredibly positive pan-European charisma.

Tesla is a leader in electric vehicles, striving to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy. By promoting green transportation, energy storage systems and solar products, the company creates tens of thousands of jobs that can boost the economy of any region. The totality of all this makes Tesla desirable in almost every country on our planet.

Germany was one of the first to have the opportunity to locate one of the manufacturer's innovative factories. Although the construction is facing opposition from elderly local residents and two environmental organizations, whose true motives remain in doubt, most of Brandenburg's politicians are actively supporting the project.

Giga Berlin received public support from the Minister of the Environment of Brandenburg, Axel Vogel. On June 23, at an event in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Minister said that he is a true friend of the Tesla settlement. He also said openly that the American automaker will receive benefits from his government. “We are convinced that it is correct to provide preferential treatment for Tesla,” Vogel said. He also added that the project has "incredibly positive pan-European charisma."

Vogel noted that Tesla's arrival in Germany will stimulate the local auto industry, so they will begin to move to electric vehicles much faster. “Now we will see that the transition to electromobility is happening much faster than we thought a few years ago,” he said.

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