Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Active Recruitment After Receiving Final Environmental Permit

by Eva Fox March 08, 2022

Tesla Giga Berlin Starts Active Recruitment After Receiving Final Environmental Permit

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Tesla Giga Berlin has started active recruitment after receiving the final environmental permit to build a factory and produce 500,000 vehicles a year. The company plans to smoothly increase production to meet the ever-growing demand in the European market.

Last week, Tesla Giga Berlin received its final environmental building permit, as well as a permit to produce 500,000 vehicles a year. The permit also includes battery manufacturing activities in the battery factory building, which is currently under construction next to the car factory.

At the moment, Giga Berlin already employs more than 2,000 people who became part of the team back in 2021. However, along with the green light to start production, the company needs a significant increase in staff. At the moment, Tesla has about 400 open vacancies for Giga Berlin. Most of them are related to manufacturing, although there are also active hiring in many other areas. As part of the recruitment, Giga Berlin has significantly increased vacancies in categories such as HR, Operations & Business Support, Supply Chain, Environmental, Health & Safety, Engineering & Information Technology, and Energy - Solar & Storage.

The opening ceremony of Giga Berlin is expected to take place shortly, and during it, the company will hand over to customers the first made-in-Germany Model Ys. This will be the start for even more massive distribution of Tesla vehicles in Europe, and will also reduce the load on Giga Shanghai, which, after some time, can become more focused on meeting the needs of the local market.

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