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Tesla Giga Berlin to Launch Employee Train Shuttle in 2023

Tesla Giga Berlin to Launch Employee Train Shuttle in 2023

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In choosing a site for the construction of its European factory, Tesla made a strategic move, preferring the land on which the private railway passes. Giga Berlin will launch a rail shuttle to bring employees to the factory from Erkner starting in January 2023.

Starting in January 2023, Tesla Giga Berlin employees should be able to commute to work by shuttle train from Erkner, Brandenburg, Infrastructure Minister Guido Beermann said on Wednesday in the state parliament. The shuttle train will have to travel about 2.5 miles from Erkner on public rails and then turn onto the railway track, which is owned by Tesla.

“The new platform should be located in the southern part of the factory premises. Along with this, the existing route must be upgraded for passenger traffic and equipped with signaling technology,” said Beermann. The official confirmed that Tesla submitted all relevant planning documents to the State Building and Transportation Administration in early April.

According to the information, Tesla is planning to replace and reroute the train track to make it more convenient. Right now, the track crosses Tesla's territory, “dividing” it. The new route will pass along the border of the site without creating inconvenience.

The location for Giga Berlin was chosen thanks to thoughtful and balanced decisions, one of which was the fact that a railway line passes through the factory site, connecting the Freienbrink industrial area with the rest of the tracks. In January 2022, it became known that Tesla purchased the existing railway track from the Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn Group (DRE) for a better connection to Giga Berlin. On this section of the railway, before the arrival of Tesla, trains had not run for about a year, but the infrastructure was in order. The route was originally designed for competitive freight traffic, so it could offer a number of benefits for Tesla.

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