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Tesla Giga Berlin to Produce First Model Y in October, Expects Elon Musk

Tesla Giga Berlin to Produce First Model Y in October, Expects Elon Musk

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk is now in Germany on a business visit. After several meetings with politicians, the head of the company expressed the hope that production at Giga Berlin will begin in October.

Tesla swiftly entered Brandenburg and built the factory with only preliminary permits. Due to the lengthy approval process, the start of production was postponed indefinitely from mid-2021, but it was expected to begin at the end of the year. During the visit to Germany and after talking with politicians of different levels, now Musk said that he expects production of the first cars in October 2021.

The head of Tesla expressed great satisfaction with the construction process of Giga Berlin and said that the factory looks great. He said that the company team wants to ensure that people have a “wow factor” and that they would really aspire to work at Giga Berlin. Musk hopes his car factory will inspire more focus on green products and said that there should be visions in mind, not just thoughts of problems.

Tesla's CEO also expressed gratitude to the government for their support, permitting, and other procedures the company went through during the construction process. “We are now looking forward to producing the first cars here in October if that works,” he said.

After familiarization with the documents by the public, until August 19, the deadline for possible objections to the amended building application filed by Tesla is open. At the moment there are only 44 of them, which shows a significant decrease in comparison with the objections filed earlier. After August 19, all objections will be considered and the government will decide on the need for repeated public hearings.

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