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Tesla Giga Berlin to Carry Out Planned Upgrades in Preparation for Future Production of Model Y with Structural Battery Pack

Tesla Giga Berlin to Carry Out Planned Upgrades in Preparation for Future Production of Model Y with Structural Battery Pack

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Tesla Giga Berlin will carry out a pre-planned production upgrade in the coming weeks. This should enable a rapid transition to structural battery pack vehicle production once the factory can begin production of 4680 battery cells.

While a number of German media are distorting the long-known information about Tesla, and calling it breaking news, Tesmanian will help clarify the flow of false news to uncover the truth. Several German well-known news publications reported today that Giga Berlin will be closed for two weeks, framing it as “shocking news.” The described fact was presented in a negative light, which caused the news to be picked up by the haters of the company, who continued to add non-existent facts, damaging the good name of Tesla.

In fact, this news is no longer news, as the temporary suspension of Giga Berlin became known in mid-May. At that time, Teslamag reported that the factory would be closed for two weeks at the end of July in order to upgrade the production lines to increase capacity. Thus, this has long been known information and an event for which the employees of Giga Berlin were ready, therefore there is no “shock.” Tesla has built a Phase 1 factory in order to produce 500,000 vehicles a year, so it is only natural that on the way to reach this number, Giga Berlin is still waiting for several production stops for upgrades that will increase its capacity.

In addition, according to information received by Tesmanian, the current upgrade will include the preparation of production lines for the production of the Model Y with a structural battery pack. Keep in mind that Giga Berlin is not yet in a position to start producing cars with 4680 battery cells, however when it becomes possible, the company wants to have production lines ready to start production immediately.

It was previously mentioned that in-house production of 4680 battery cells in Germany could start sometime in the fall of 2022. But, it should be kept in mind that in light of the current situation in the world, the timing may change significantly. However, this expansion, which sets the stage for the production of cars with new technology, is a good indicator of the company's confidence in implementing its plans.

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