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Tesla Giga Berlin Will Have a Works Council with Employee Representatives

Tesla Giga Berlin Will Have a Works Council with Employee Representatives

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Tesla Giga Berlin will have a works council that will include employee representatives. The kick-off event for the works council elections is scheduled for November 29, 2021.

The elections to the works council for Tesla Giga Berlin were announced. However, before the elections are held, it is necessary to elect an electoral commission that will organize and conduct the elections. The date for the elections will be set only after that, but most likely this will take place in 2022. This initiative comes from the management of the factory.

To avoid further confusion, keep in mind that a works council is not the same as a union. Works councils represent the employees of a company. For this purpose, employees elect colleagues from their company to the works council or staff council. It then champions the rights of all employees in the company and negotiates. Thus, while unions create the impression of caring for all employees of the company—on which they are making money—works councils sincerely care about the employees of the company, protecting their rights.

Practice shows that trade unions are harmful because they act as monopolies. Union members can demand higher wages and work less. Threatening to stop working if companies do not pay employees more, unions force companies to lay off some workers. And the bottom line is that trade unions are harmful not only to companies but also to workers. They turn workers against employers, consumers, shareholders, and other workers, focusing only on a select group of workers. As a result, everyone loses, both companies and employees.

According to recent data, Giga Berlin already employs about 1,800 people. Anyone who has worked there for at least six months (according to German law) can be elected to the works council.

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