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Tesla Giga Berlin Will Be So Hot It Will Have Its Own Fire Department

Tesla Giga Berlin Will Be So Hot It Will Have Its Own Fire Department

Image: Auslegung Gesamt Tesla Manufacturing Brandenburg

At the end of May 2020, Tesla filed updated documents for Giga Berlin that included a number of changes. One of these was the construction of its own fire station, and now we get the opportunity to look at the building plan in more detail.

The Brandenburg Ministry of the Interior demanded that Giga Berlin build its own fire department. However, it is noted that the risk of fire at the enterprise is extremely low, and the fire department is needed primarily in order to comply with government standards. In addition to extinguishing fires, should they occur, the fire department will be engaged in a number of other important tasks--such as, for example, control and analysis of fluids requiring disposal.

That is why the presence of Tesla's own fire department, with professionals who specialize in extinguishing fires of specific materials and structures, their analysis and control, can significantly increase the safety of the production process. In addition, with its own fire brigade, Giga Berlin can count on relief in implementing fire alarm systems without technical measures to avoid false alarms at the plant. Thus, the fire brigade will become part of the staff at Tesla's Grünheide plant.

The factory fire brigade will have the required number of full-time and part-time emergency services. According to current planning, at least eight functions (relay with 1 + 5 fire brigade members, operations manager, a dispatcher in the fire brigade operations center of the plant fire brigade) are filled with full-time staff. In addition, the other necessary functions according to the requirements planning of the Luelf+Rinke planning office are filled with part-time workers from production and administration.

The fire station will be located in the north of Phase 1 at Giga Berlin. It will be a 2-story building, each floor covering an area of ​​1.509.33 square meters. Thus, the total floor area is 3.065.84 square meters. The total cost of building the fire station is €6,021,858.31.

Source: Auslegung Gesamt Tesla Manufacturing Brandenburg

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