Tesla Giga Berlin Will Receive Water Supply from Strausberg-Erkner Water Resources Association

by Eva Fox March 17, 2022

Tesla Giga Berlin Will Receive Water Supply from Strausberg-Erkner Water Resources Association

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Tesla Giga Berlin will receive the required amount of water from the Strausberg-Erkner Water Resources Association (WSE). The association is once again allowed to pump about 3.8 million cubic meters of water per year at the Eggersdorf waterworks, WSE spokeswoman Sandra Ponesky confirmed.

According to reports from German media, Tesla may start production at Giga Berlin as planned. The water association Strausberg-Erkner (WSE) will not terminate the supply contract. On Wednesday afternoon, a meeting took place between WSE chief André Bähler and Anke Herrmann, head of water management at the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment. In negotiations at the Potsdam State Chancellery, it was apparently decided that the supplier would be allowed to pump 1.3 million cubic meters of water more than previously allowed. This covers the amount of water needed to start production at Giga Berlin.

Tesla received final environmental approval for its factory in Grünheide, near Berlin, on March 4. On the same day, an administrative court in Frankfurt an der Oder ruled that the 2020 WSE water permit was illegal and unenforceable. However, the judge said that the issue could be resolved if the procedure was repeated with the involvement of the public. The WSE immediately asked the state to allow the pumping of water until the procedure was completed. Last week the association could pump out only 2.5 million cubic meters per year, but now, it can expand to 3.8 million cubic meters per year.

The chairman of the association assembly Henry Pilz stated that the WSE would withdraw the proposal to terminate the contract with Tesla. Thus, the association can not only supply Tesla with water, but also other new customers. Thus, the 16 associated municipalities between Strausberg and Erkner can continue to build apartments again and open new businesses. “WSE will lift the moratorium on development,” Pilz said. “But it should be clear to everyone that there can be nothing more [here] in the future.”

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