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Tesla Giga Mexico May Consume the Least Water of Any Car Factory in the World

Tesla Giga Mexico May Consume the Least Water of Any Car Factory in the World

Image: Marcelo Ebrard

Tesla Giga Mexico will be the world's lowest water-consuming car factory, says a Mexican official. The details are still unknown but it seems Tesla has already developed solutions that will achieve this.

On Tuesday, Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, along with a 14-person delegation, visited the site where Tesla Giga Mexico will be built. The official shared a video filmed on the spot (via @SawyerMerritt/Twitter). It is noteworthy that the caption to the video states that the Tesla factory will become the world's lowest water-consuming car factory.

“Panoramic view of the property where Tesla will build the automotive factory with the lowest water consumption in the world,” the minister wrote.

In addition to the video, Ebrard shared several photos. They show that the Governor of Nuevo León, Samuel Alejandro García Sepúlveda, was also part of the group that visited the site. The delegation arrived in three Tesla cars, which underlines their joy and enthusiasm for Tesla’s arrival in the state.

According to data from chemical multinational DuPont (via Benzinga), the automotive industry uses almost 40,000 gallons of water to produce one car. According to them, water is used in almost every step of car manufacturing.

Nuevo León is a water-scarce state. However, for several years now, Tesla has been working on a solution to the problem of not having enough water to use in production. For the first time, the company had a serious problem with the water supply at Giga Berlin. This prompted the company to look for effective solutions that would provide it with the necessary amount of water, even in conditions of very limited supply. In Germany, the company has already said several times that it has found a way to significantly save water consumption.

Apparently, the new technology will also be applied at Giga Mexico. Manuel Salas Flores, CEO of Mexican water engineering firm Cipro, suggests that the manufacturer's plan is likely to include three familiar water solutions. One of them involves the use of reused water, treated water, or treated wastewater. The second suggests that Tesla is looking to optimize all vehicle manufacturing processes to minimize water use. The third assumes that the company will recycle all the water it uses.

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