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Tesla Giga Mexico Will Be Built at Same Time as Another New Gigafactory, Gen 3 Car Production Should Start in 18-24 Months

Tesla Giga Mexico Will Be Built at Same Time as Another New Gigafactory, Gen 3 Car Production Should Start in 18-24 Months

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Tesla Giga Mexico will be built at the same time as another new gigafactory, Tom Zhu said, without giving details. He said production of the car on the Gen 3 platform would start in 18 to 24 months.

After Investor Day, Tom Zhu, who oversees Tesla assembly plants in North America and sales operations in North America and Europe, shared some interesting details about the company. Tesla retail investor Matthew Donegan-Ryan received a private interview with the top company executive. He was one of 50 retail investors lucky enough to be invited to the event last week.

According to Matthew, Zhu shared key information that was previously unknown to the general public. He said that at the same time as Giga Mexico, Tesla will build another Gigafactory. Many fans and investors of the company suggest that it could be a new factory in Canada or Indonesia, rumors about which have been circulating for several months. However, let us not forget that Tesla announced the Giga Nevada expansion, so Zhu may have had that in mind.

In addition, the top manager gave information about the estimated start of production of a car built on the 3rd generation platform. He confirmed previously known information that it will be built in Mexico first. Next, the process will be copied and pasted to other Tesla gigafactories around the world. The start of production should begin in 18-24 months. With this in mind, the construction of Giga Mexico should start in the coming months in order for the factory to be completed on time. According to top Mexican officials, the construction should begin in three months.

When asked if the company's new model would be painted or made of stainless steel, Zhu smirked and said “paint is expensive,” according to Matthew. It is worth bearing in mind that he simply could have evaded a direct answer. Tesla's new car model is expected to be unveiled at the groundbreaking ceremony for Giga Mexico, according to local officials.

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