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Tesla Giga Texas Giga Press & Production Equipment Prepare for Year of the Model Y, Cybertruck Launch

Tesla Giga Texas Giga Press & Production Equipment Prepare for Year of the Model Y, Cybertruck Launch

Photos: Terafactory Texas/YouTube

2021 will be a year of extreme growth for Tesla as the company's two new factories begin operations. The first product that will be produced on them will be Model Y. Giga Shanghai has already begun production of an electric SUV. While Giga Berlin is awaiting approval, Giga Texas began installing the Giga Press two weeks ago, and the progress is stunning.

As footage from the Terafactory Texas/YouTube video shows, Tesla has already installed the basic structure of the giant Giga Press. Of course, there is still a lot of work to be done, but nevertheless, it will be done quickly, and it seems that the trial use of the revolutionary machine will begin in March.

When installing the Giga Press at the Fremont factory, it took Tesla about two months from the start of installation to the time when the first samples of single-piece casts were seen. Therefore, there is every reason to believe that test production will begin closer to the end of March. That being said, such production could only be prototypes at this point, which would then be re-melted again—and not real parts for Model Y.

Aside from making significant progress in assembling the first Giga Press in Giga Texas, Tesla appears to have begun shipping industrial robots to the site. 38 containers were seen on the east side of the main building. The forklift unloaded equipment that visually resembled industrial robots that Tesla uses in production. At the time of the video’s filming, 13 robots were already seen on the site, which were unloaded from containers. It seems that each container can hold about 10 robots. If the other 38 containers are indeed housing this many, then this means that there are already about 400 robots on the site.

Tesla appears to have a very aggressive plan to launch Giga Texas into operation. The rapid construction of the factory and the early start of the installation of equipment is good evidence of this. 2021 could truly be the year of Model Y, and the birth year of the almighty Cybertruck.


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