Tesla Giga Press Multi-Directional Casting Machine in Fremont Begins Operations

Tesla Giga Press Multi-Directional Casting Machine in Fremont Begins Operations

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If you think that only OTA updates can upgrade Tesla cars, then you are wrong. The company continues to improve on the manufacturing process. Today Tesla China presented information on the Model Y Giant Casting Machine (Giga Press).

Tesla China made an official announcement in which it provided further details on Giga Press and the advantages associated with the manufacturing method. This announcement also included information that the Giant Casting Machine had begun being put to work at Tesla's Fremont factory.

"Multi-directional single casting machine for car frame has started operation at Tesla's Fremont factory. Used to produce Model Y".

According to photos recived by Tesmanian, the casting cell and first Giga Press have been assembled in the open air at the north end of the General Assembly building at the Fremont factory.

The rear body of the vehicle is strong enough to carry a payload. But at the same time, assembled from many parts and fastening elements, it also has a lot of weight. Therefore, Tesla decided to improve the production process of this section, achieving casting in one part.

The giant casting machine for Model Y began operations in Fremont. Tesla China announced that, in the future, this machine will also be installed at Giga Shanghai.

The first photos of the gargantuan piece of machinery, as well as robots for the upcoming Model Y production line in China, were included in the Tesla's recently-released Q2 2020 Update Letter. Apparently, the internal work of Phase 2 at Giga Shanghai is ongoing at the moment, so the Giga Press has not yet been finally assembled.

Innovative automotive technology will help improve vehicle efficiency and performance. Now the casting can be reduced from 70 parts to just one .


Tesla has passed several safety tests around the world and received 5-star ratings. But the company, which adheres to the philosophy of "safety first", does not stop there. The one-piece forming process provides an improved modular design with a high degree of integration. This increases the area of ​​action of the collision avoidance beam, thereby improving body performance. Crash safety is improved over 20%.

Range improvement
This design will also increase battery life. The base weight at the rear part of the vehicle will be about 30% lighter than before. This increases the range of the vehicle.

Environmentally friendly and energy saving
This production process is more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. Traditional stamping results in a large amount of scrap residual, while with the Giga Press, 100% of the raw material is used. This results in resource and energy savings in terms of production, and is in line with Tesla's environmental values.

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