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Tesla Giga Shanghai Boosts Production & Logistics to Get Hundreds of Model Y to Customers

Tesla Giga Shanghai Boosts Production & Logistics to Get Hundreds of Model Y to Customers

Photos: WU WA/YouTube

Tesla Model Y sales, recently launched in China, caused a great stir. Giga Shanghai is ramping up production to meet impressive demand, and hundreds of Model Ys have been spotted on the factory territory waiting to be loaded onto semi-trucks.

At the end of December, Giga Shanghai began mass production of the China-made Model Y. Over the past month, we saw hundreds of electric SUVs in the factory, which were later delivered to various parts of China. On January 1, the Model Y began showcasing in Tesla stores in several cities across the country, generating a lot of hype and a large influx of buyers.

Tesla is now continuing to build cars to begin deliveries to customers. New drone video footage from WU WA/YouTube shows that there are about 350 Model Ys in the factory parking lot, some of which have already been loaded onto semi-trucks. It should be noted that 24 semi-trucks arrived at once for loading, which means that Tesla is accelerating the speed of production and speed with which the newly produced cars leave the factory.

The very high demand for Model Y requires well-coordinated and ideally organized work from Tesla China. The company must establish fast and high-quality production and delivery. However, given the experience and skills gained during the production of Model 3, the Tesla team can handle it at a high level.

In parallel with the increase in production, Giga Shanghai continues to actively expand, building new buildings. Over the past week, progress in building construction has made significant headway. In addition, the construction of new buildings has also begun, which is already impressive in its size.


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