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Tesla Giga Shanghai About To Finish Phase 2 Construction, Chinese-Made Model Y Production Could Happen Soon

Tesla Giga Shanghai About To Finish Phase 2 Construction, Chinese-Made Model Y Production Could Happen Soon

Featured image: Jason Yang/YouTube

The construction speed of Giga Shanghai continues to amaze everyone. The latest drone video shows that Tesla is expanding the Gigafactory 3 at an astonishing rate.

According to the latest video of May 22, construction crews are completing Phase 2. 3 months after the start of construction of the 3A and 3B areas, the capping will be completed soon.

Information from the source familiar with the matter told us, the new constitutions of the 3A and 3B areas are mainly preparing for the China-Made Model Y production and assembly lines. So the speedy completion of the construction of these areas means that the Chinese production of Model Y can begin much faster than previously planned.

Source: Jason Yang/YouTube

Tesla is also approaching completion of the molding facility, adjacent to the southern part of the main assembly building for the Model 3. The pictures show that the parking lots are almost completely filled with MIC Model 3, which indicates that Giga Shanghai is ramping up production according to plan. 

As Tesmanian recently reported, Giga Shanghai is ready to deliver the MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD ahead of schedule. Deliveries for the Long Range RWD were initially scheduled to start in June, but the company has confirmed that the newly-produced units are ready to ship now. According to local Chinese media, Tesla China has confirmed that multiple MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD vehicles have been produced and will be delivered to customers in the near future.

Meanwhile, VP Grace Tao shared that Gigafactory Shanghai could reach its 4,000 a week production goal by the end of June and could begin the mass production of the MIC Model Y by Q1 2021 in a recent interview with Xinhua News.

If the production of the MIC Model Y progresses at a similar pace or better, Tesla China could start deliveries before the end of Q1 2021 or at the beginning of Q2 2021. With Tesla China's projected start date in mind, MIC Model Y production could begin exactly one year after MIC Model 3 SR + deliveries began.




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