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Tesla Vehicles Displayed In Bank Of China Front Lobby


Tesla vehicles are being displayed in the Bank of China’s front lobby in Guangzhou. A Model 3 and a Model X were on display inside the national bank itself, highlighting the support Tesla has been receiving in China.

The Bank of China has supported Tesla before. In April, the national bank released a promo for Tesla vehicles for its cardholders. The deals included 0% or low interest for 2-5 years for the MIC Model 3 SR+. Bank of China account holders could also make a downpayment as low as RMB¥45,000 for the vehicle. Tesla ran a similar promotion for its SR+ and the MIC Model 3 Long Range variant for the month of April.

Now its seems that the Bank of China in Guangzhou has decided to promote Tesla vehicles within its facility in a direct manner. Tesmanian has yet to hear about any promos or special deals related to the Model 3 and Model X displayed in the banks. Still, the appearance of the vehicles in the bank's lobby alone would undoubtedly attract interest. Guangzhou’s support for Tesla might spread throughout other Bank of China branches across the country.


Credit: Tesmanian

Tesla’s Giga Shanghai will be instrumental in Q2 2020, as the pandemic continues, and Fremont factory’s reopening continues to be delayed, pending Alemeda County’s approval. Tesla’s April numbers dipped compared to March possibly because customers likey postponed their purchase until Tesla's price adjustments in May. However, the company continues to see a lot of potential in China's local market.

Just recently, Tesmanian published an article about a sharp spike in demand for Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 because of the SR+ price reduction and subsequent qualification for China’s new NEV subsidy, which were rolled out earlier this month. The price adjustment could help Tesla’s Q2 2020 numbers, but reopening Fremont would still be the ideal situation for the company. After all, its factory in Alemeda County is Tesla’s main vehicle production facility.


Credit: Tesmanian

Thus far, Giga Shanghai has done an excellent job of operating during a global pandemic. Giga Nevada seems to have followed suit. In its Return to Work Playbook, Tesla said that the experience it gained at Giga Shanghai during the initial outbreak of the virus in China helped the company develop safety precautions for its other factories.

As for Q3 2020, deliveries for Giga Shanghai’s MIC Model 3 Long Range variant are expected to begin in June, so orders are coming in already. It would be a bit strange for Fremont not to be open by June since Tesla has been actively trying to comply with all of Alemeda County’s requirements despite the latter’s seeming reluctance to help the company.

Featured Image Credit: Tesmanian

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