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Tesla Giga Shanghai Rumored to Have Begun Production Switchover to Model 3 Highland

Tesla Giga Shanghai Rumored to Have Begun Production Switchover to Model 3 Highland

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is starting to switch production to the Model 3 Highland, according to rumors. The factory will move into full production of the new Model 3 in about two weeks.

Tesla customers are looking forward to the start of production of the updated Model 3, codenamed Highland. While the company has not made any official announcements, rumors have hinted that production will start at Giga Shanghai in Q3 2023. More specifically, it was reported that the first deliveries could begin as early as September. Now we have another grain of information showing the progress of work in this direction.

Chris Zheng revealed in a post on X Thursday that Giga Shanghai has begun to roll out major changes. He wrote that the factory began production of the Model 3 Highland as early as this week. However, Zheng added an interesting detail. According to him, the production of the new version will alternate with the production of the old version: two days for the new version, and two days for the old one. At the moment it is difficult to imagine how Tesla embodies this. After about two weeks, production at Giga Shanghai will switch entirely to the Model 3 Highland.

At the moment, the order configurator for various European countries shows that if you order now, Model 3 will not arrive before October. This car model is shipped to Europe from the company's Chinese factory. This interesting detail hints at the fact that some production changes are really taking place at Giga Shanghai.

That the factory will produce both the new and old versions of Model 3 in the next two weeks could make a lot of sense. There is a possibility that the price will change for the new Model 3. However, the company still has to fulfill some orders. As soon as the required number of vehicles for this is produced, presumably Giga Shanghai will switch to the production of Model 3 Highland. Perhaps after that, Tesla will make an official announcement and will be able to immediately begin deliveries of the new cars, some of which will already be produced by then.

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