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Tesla Giga Shanghai: A Bridge & Road Are Being Built while Factory Expansion Advances

Tesla Giga Shanghai: A Bridge & Road Are Being Built while Factory Expansion Advances

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Giga Shanghai is a powerful weapon in Tesla's arsenal for global expansion. At the moment, the company already has an installed capacity to produce about 500,000 vehicles per year, but Tesla has broader goals for the factory. The company has entered a phase of rapid expansion in Giga Shanghai.

For several months now, in the east of the factory, there is ongoing construction of a road and a bridge that will connect Giga Shanghai with Jiangshan Road. It’s not clear that its Tesla’s work, and given the fact there is a new road, is likely government related. The construction of a road on this territory has very particular requirements, since this place has fairly moist soil, and a river flows there. This, in turn, requires special construction methods, because hundreds of very heavy trucks will pass along this road every day.

In addition, a bridge across the river was needed in order to gain access to the other side of the river and access to the road. It looks like the construction of the road and bridge has made a lot of progress, and we can already see its clear outline.

The construction of this road was planned, and is an important transportation route not only for Phase 2 but also for Phase 3 and Phase 4 of Giga Shanghai expansion. According to rumors, the new territory in the east of Phase 2 will become Phase 4. Thus, it can be assumed that the construction that is taking place right now on the territory of Giga Shanghai is Phase 3. At the moment, Tesla is already constructing three buildings, and in a few months, all of them can be put into operation. In addition, the company began developing the areas that lie between the Phase 2 buildings.

More recently, it has been noticed that Tesla has also begun developing the territories on the east of Giga Shanghai. Here we can see that part of the territory has already been filled with concrete, however the purpose of these sites remains unknown. Another part of the ground appears to be covered with Geotextiles, which are used to reinforce various structures, including building foundations. At the moment, most of it is simply sprinkled with soil so that it is not blown away by the wind, though in one of the sections we can see that it has begun to be backfilled and compacted with a thick layer of fill.

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