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Tesla Model 3 Featured In 'Game of Peace', one of China's Top Games With Over 400M Users


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Update: The package in front of Giga Shanghai has been transported to the Taikoo Hui Center, reflecting the events of the promo video. The contents of the package have yet to be revealed. Tesmanian will be following this story closely and give updates when possible. 

Tesla Giga Shanghai's MIC Model 3 has been included in "Game of Peace." It's one of China’s most popular games at the moment with over 400 million users. Tesla Arcade gamers might be able to play "Game of Peace" in their vehicles while inside their MIC Model 3 for one meta experience.

The promo video reveals a mysterious package airdropped to Giga Shanghai and delivered to its destination by the Tesla Semi. A real-life version of the package can be seen displayed right in front of Giga Shanghai right now.

Credit: Tesla China

Inside the package is the Model 3 that will be featured in the game. It would be interesting to see if Giga Shanghai actually produced the Model 3 revealed in "Game of Peace."

The game will probably feature the Model 3 Performance. The Model 3 in "Game of Peace" will allow drivers to feel the speed of Tesla's creation. The MIC Model 3 is the first EV in the game, making it another win for Tesla.

Tesla Arcade may release the game for Tesla owners in China soon. The addition of "Game of Peace" to Tesla Arcade reveals that popular third-party apps could be interested in offering their creations on Tesla's platform. For perspective, Apple makes billions from its App Store with third-party apps. 

In China, Tesla Arcade gamers can play with other users on the internet, using their QQ or WeChat accounts. Tesla Arcade gamers in China can play Tencent-powered online multiplayer titles in their vehicles. 

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