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Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Completing the Production Line Setup for Model 3 Highland: Report

Tesla Giga Shanghai Is Completing the Production Line Setup for Model 3 Highland: Report

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is completing the production line setup for Model 3 Highland, according to a report. Prototypes of the updated car are currently being tested at the factory.

According to Chinese media, the production line for Giga Shanghai Model 3 is now under a high level of secrecy. At the moment, the production line for the Model 3 Highland is being set up there. Now it is reported that it is almost complete. Jiemian reported the information based on an employee of a third-party company that supplies Giga Shanghai.

Prototypes of the updated Model 3 are currently being tested on factory roads over the weekend, the employee said. This is happening in parallel with the fact that the production line is carrying out further refinement.

The report mentions that one of Tesla CEO Elon Musk's key goals on his recent trip to China was to see the updated Model 3 and its production line. Musk visited the country in May and arrived at the factory late at night. Giga Shanghai is the largest car factory in the world. Its annual capacity is more than 1 million vehicles per year.

According to earlier reports, in March Tesla began retooling Giga Shanghai to produce an updated Model 3, codenamed Highland. It is expected to go into production in September.

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