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Tesla Giga Shanghai Demonstrates Next Level Production Ramping to Fulfill China Domestic & European Demand

Tesla Giga Shanghai Demonstrates Next Level Production Ramping to Fulfill China Domestic & European Demand

Featured image: WU WA/YouTube

Giga Shanghai continues to increase production capacity to meet the demand for Model 3, not only for the Chinese market, but also for export. This continued ramping will also  be  crucial if the company is to reach its goal of delivering 500,000 vehicles in 2020.

At the moment, according to Tesla, Giga Shanghai has increased its production capacity to 250,000 vehicles per year. The company said it recently added a third shift for Model 3 production, which confirmed the information Tesmanian provided at the end of September.

In the third quarter, Tesla reduced the price of Model 3 to 249,900 yuan after incentives, making it the lowest-priced premium mid-sized sedan in China. The price reduction was made possible by the company using cheaper batteries and increasing local procurement.

The latest videos from Giga Shanghai show us that parking lots are occupied by hundreds of Model 3s that are constantly loaded onto trucks. For example, in a video filmed by WU WA/YouTube on October 24, you can see over 700 vehicles that are located in parking lots around the factory. You can also notice that new Model 3s constantly leave the assembly line, while simultaneously, trucks loaded with vehicles constantly leave the factory territory.

Source: WU WA/YouTube

It is worth noting that Tesla's data show that Giga Shanghai already has the capacity to produce 250,000 vehicles per year, which equates to around 700 vehicles per day. However, the company indicated that this only applies to the production of Model 3. Construction of Phase 2 is almost complete, and soon, the China-made Model Y will start rolling off the assembly line, significantly increasing the factory's production capacity.

Source: Tesla

In early October, a source familiar with the case, but on condition of anonymity, told Tesmanian that mass production of Model Y at Giga Shanghai would begin in December. This is consistent with earlier suggestions that test production of the model could begin as early as October-November. The source also revealed that made-in-China Model Y will also be delivered to the European market starting in December 2020, which would be very good news for Europeans who are eagerly awaiting sales of the electric SUV. 

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