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Tesla Giga Shanghai Expansion Pushes Forward to Meet Skyrocketing Demand

Tesla Giga Shanghai Expansion Pushes Forward to Meet Skyrocketing Demand

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Tesla Giga Shanghai is impressive with its production and supply figures, which are growing every month. With factory expansion and new building construction, Giga Shanghai will be a powerful support for the company's future global growth, and accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

According to the latest observations, Giga Shanghai is continuing its massive expansion. The rapidly developing construction of new buildings was noticed on the territory of the plant. The third Stamping Shop is under construction in the west. It can be noted that the metal structure continues to grow here.

Source: WU WA / YouTube

In the center, between the Model Y production building and the parking lot, construction on the massive structure continues. At the moment, twelve sections in width and five sections in length of a two-story building have already been built, the purpose of which remains unknown. Nevertheless, given that the demand for Tesla in China—as well as throughout the world—will continue to grow steadily, it seems that production facilities for the Model 3 or Model Y will be located here.

Source: WU WA / YouTube

A few weeks ago, in the north, clearing began behind the parking lot. The plot has been leveled, and hundreds of footings have already been installed, which will serve as a support for the new building.

Source: Jason Yang / YouTube

To the east, the land that used to be a watermelon field is now also leveled and set with many reinforced concrete slabs. It seems that this will be a parking lot because, to erect a solid building here, the company needs to install a foundation or footings, and not just place slabs. However, it is worth noting that slabs have been laid only in some parts of the plot, while in other areas nothing has been installed yet.

Source: Jason Yang / YouTube

Between the Phase 2 buildings, preparations for construction also seem to be under way. On December 31, a pit was seen there, which in shape and size resembled a footing pit. At the moment, no other activity has been noticed there, but the site looks fully prepared for construction, and there were about 30 builders on it. Perhaps they are making some calculations before moving forward with construction.

Source: Jason Yang / YouTube

There is also another site that is being developed in a very impressive location. On the southern side of Giga Shanghai, where the river channel was located, high activity is now noticeable. On the western and eastern sides, dams have installed that block the path of water. It seems that this part has been drained and now excavators are working there. They collect the upper, silted soil layer. At the moment, there is no data on what exactly is happening there and which organization is responsible for it. However, such close proximity to Giga Shanghai and the robust expansion activity hint that it could be Tesla.

Source: WU WA / YouTube

Giga Shanghai is showing excellent production results, reaching a production capacity of over 260,000 units per year in less than a year since mass production began. However, it seems that the plant's production capacity may soon grow to over 500,000 vehicles per year, especially given the fact that the mass production of Model Y has already begun.




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